Divorce is almost never a happy process. Attorney Hirschman will guide you through the full process and provide zealous representation so you have the best arrangement and result for your situation. If full representation is out of your range of budget, Attorney Hirschman also offers limited representation and assistance with paperwork under the a la carte services below.


When parents are no longer together, best practice is for the parents to have a written agreement about where the kids will live and how they will split their time between the parents. No matter whether you are just starting this process or you’ve gone through it in the past and now want a change, Attorney Hirschman can assist with getting an appropriate schedule in place that fits your needs. She also offers limited representation under the a la carte services to help this process fit into your life and budget in the best way possible.


From the basics of a will, to more complex plans, include trusts and other more complicated documents, Attorney Hirschman will walk you through your options and provide you with the advice you need to make a decision about how to plan for you and your family's future. 


Dealing with the estate of a deceased loved one is one of the most difficult life experiences that a person can go through. Hirschman Law, S.C. has extensive experience with navigating the complex legal requirements of a probate case. Whether the case is as simple as transferring a small amount of property, to dealing with a family dispute over the disposition of your loved ones estate, Hirschman Law, S.C. will be able to assist you. 


When someone does not have the legal ability to make their own decisions, a guardian must be named to assist them. Children are not legally able to make their own decisions, and neither are disabled adults, in many circumstances. Attorney Hirschman can provide the proper information for your situation and assist you through that process. 


Adoptions occur in many different situations, simple and complex. Like many other legal situations, it can be difficult to decipher the maze of legalities required to begin and complete an adoption. If you would like to adopt a child, or if you have a child that you need to place for adoption, contact Hirschman Law, S.C. for compassionate assistance.

Guardian ad Litem

Guardians ad Litem are required by law in Wisconsin for any situation in which there is a question about the best interests of someone who is legally incompetent. This includes children and disabled adults. Attorney Hirschman is well versed in the situations where guardians ad litem are needed and currently serves as Court Appointed Guardian ad Litem in many counties for in county-initiated guardianships or protective placement cases, and CHIPS and JIPS cases for children subject to abuse or neglect in their homes. Attorney Hirschman is also available for privately initiated guardianships, adoptions, or other cases where a guardian ad litem is necessary.