The Hirschman Law Difference



You are probably used to seeing lawyers in fancy suits and fancy offices, appearing intimidating and all-knowing. The lawyers you see on TV are all very impressive and scary, Harvey Specter types. At Hirschman Law, S.C., we work very hard to be accessible to ALL people, regardless of their background or resources. Attorney Hirschman believes that legal advice, or a legal document, does no good if the person receiving cannot understand it once the meeting is over. So she strives to make all her client interactions as easy and understandable as possible. Attorney Hirschman is kind and approachable, she will listen to your problem and sort through it to find the best solution. She does all of this while still being professional and proficient with her work, providing you exactly what you need for your unique situation.


At Hirschman Law, S.C., the approach to legal work is unique in more than just our goal to be understandable. In our efforts to be more approachable and available, we offer more non-traditional ways of meeting your legal needs. 

First, we do of course have the brick and mortar (literally) office in which we can meet clients in person and conduct our regular daily business. Beyond that we have the following options available:

  • Phone consultations: Attorney Hirschman is easily accessible by phone and can walk you through any legal problem in that medium.
  • Video conferencing: With several video conference options, Attorney Hirschman can meet with you face to face without you having to actually step foot out your door. Hirschman Law, S.C. supports Skype, FaceTime, and Amazon Chime. 
  • Email communication: A good staple, email is often the best and most efficient way to communicate with Attorney Hirschman and her firm. 
  • Clio Connect: This is a client portal that allows for communication, document review, and further consultation, billing, and payment, all from the ease of your web browser or app. 

What does the average client representation look like?

  1. You contact Hirschman Law, S.C. for an initial consultation. This can be done by calling or emailing, by scheduling an appointment through this website, or submitting a contact request online as well. You can also come to the physical office location during regular office hours. The initial consultation can be in any of the above formats that allows for direct communication. 
  2. The initial consultation is completed. This appointment will last about an hour long and will consist of you providing Attorney Hirschman with as much information as you have to allow her a good picture of your needs and goals. This will vary widely depending on the type of issue you are meeting with her about. This consultation may also include some time to fill out necessary forms. 
  3. After the initial consultation, you will receive information to access Clio Connect so that we can communicate in that manner, if you wish. Attorney Hirschman will provide forms or other requests for information, based on the needs discussed in the initial consultation. 
  4. Moving forward, there will be continual updates and contacts between you and Attorney Hirschman to make sure that every aspect of your issue is being addressed. The best part of this is that you never have to come to the office if you don't want to. All communication can be done remotely, and all documents can be transmitted and communicated via Clio Connect.